Why Do You Need UsenetNow?

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Huge Retention

Industry leading retention and continuously increasing day by day! We dare you to find another Usenet provider offering the same stats!

What's Retention?

More Files

More Hard Drives

Older File Available

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Servers

We have THREE reliable Usenet systems strategically located in the USA and Europe. Both systems are connected to multi-gigabit backbones, which means you get a blazing fast Usenet experience no matter where you are in the world!

What Does This Mean?

Faster Access

Highly Accessible

More Data

Globally Available


Security is our greatest concern, and we give our customers the ability to use FREE SSL encryption. With these features, those of us at UsenetNow feel as though we can deliver one of the best Usenet experiences out there.

What Security?

Free SSL Encryption

Secure Accounts

No Tracking

Customer Support



We offer a flexible pricing model to fit your needs and budget!

What is the price?

$3.99 per week

$7.99 per month

$19.99 per quarter

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